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Organic Castor Oil 100ml

Organic Castor Oil 100ml

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Castor oil is a natural wonder oil that has diverse applications in health and wellness. It is derived from the seeds of the castor oil plant (Ricinus communis). It has a high concentration of ricinoleic acid, which contributes to many of castor's soil uses and benefits. Its use spans centuries around the world. It also has deep roots in India, where it’s 
considered to be a skin-healing,  digestive-soothing, and antibacterial ingredient  that is utilized in Ayurvedic medicine. Experience the natural benefits of our Organic Castor Oil.


ORGANIC FIELDS Organic Castor Oil Benefits and Uses?

  • Temporary constipation relief
  • Relieve symptoms of arthritis
  • Wound & skin healing


Why choose ORGANIC FIELDS Organic Castor Oil?
✅ Food grade
✅ Cruelty Free (No animal testing)
✅ Odour Free
✅ Cold pressed pleasant taste
✅ 100% Organic Castor Oil
✅ Fast, simple and ready to use straight from the bottle


100% Organic Castor Oil

Serving Suggestions

For constipation treatment: 1.5 tablespoons (15mL) in a single daily dose

Nutrition Facts

Please refer to the image.


Storage Suggestion

📦 Storage Suggestion:
- Please store in cool and dry place at room temperature.
- Avoid expose products to direct heat and sunlight.

What's In The Package

100% Organic Castor Oil

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Eco Household

  • Made with plant-based ingredients.
  • Gentle for skin.
  • Kids-friendly
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