HOLISTEA Moringa Tea

HOLISTEA Moringa Tea

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Moringa is a nutrient-packed food that comes from the Moringa oleifera tree in India. Moringa oleifera leaves, seeds, bark, roots, sap, and flowers have long been used in traditional medicine throughout South Asia and Southeast Asia. Our moringa tea is produced by extracting the moringa fresh leaves, dehydrating them and making them into tea cut size leaves.

Taste, flavor and texture
Earthy smell and nutty taste


✓ No added sugar
✓ Caffeine-Free
✓ Vegan & vegetarian friendly
✓ Pyramid tea bag


Moringa Dry Leaves (100%)

Serving Suggestions

Suggested to take 1 to 3 cups per day after meal
1. Place a teabag into a cup.
2. Add 200ml of hot water
3. Steep for 2 minutes & enjoy

Nutrition Facts

Please refer to the image.


Packed in MeSTI certified facility

Storage Suggestion

Store in dry and room temperature.
Avoid direct sunlight.
Best to store in an airtight container once opened.

What's In The Package

Moringa Dry Leaves (100%)

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Eco Household

  • Made with plant-based ingredients.
  • Gentle for skin.
  • Kids-friendly
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