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Dark Brown Soft Sugar 400g

Dark Brown Soft Sugar 400g

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A soft, moist and sticky fine-grained sugar with dark brown crystals. It has a rich aroma and a soft flavour owing to the presence of the rich cane juice. Dark brown sugar gives extra molasses flavour and slightly more moisture compare to light brown sugar. It is often used in confectionary, in the baking industry and is ideal for cake, biscuit and pudding recipes. 



✓ Unrefined sugar
✓ Caramel-like aroma
✓ Certified with Kosher, Halal and BRC
✓ Free from genetically modified ingredients
✓ Suitable for vegetarians and vegans


100% Dark Brown Soft Sugar

Cane juice extracted from sugar cane plant (Saccharum officinarum)

Serving Suggestions

Based on Malaysian Dietary Guidelines, limit sugar intake not more than 10% of our daily energy consumption / not exceeding 10 teaspoons (50g) a day.

• Baking: adds flavour, colour and spread in denser based goods such as gingerbread
recipes, cakes and cookies
• Cooking: the molasses flavour also makes it suitable for use in baked beans and
barbecued foods

Nutrition Facts

Please refer to the image.


- Packed in MeSTI certified facility

Storage Suggestion

✓ Store in cool dry conditions (15 to 25°C, >70% Relative Humidity recommended)
✓ Store away from direct sunlight, draughts and sources of ignition
✓ In certain weather conditions this sugar may harden. To soften, place the sugar in a
basin, cover with a damp cloth and leave overnight

What's In The Package

100% Dark Brown Soft Sugar

Cane juice extracted from sugar cane plant (Saccharum officinarum)

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Eco Household

  • Made with plant-based ingredients.
  • Gentle for skin.
  • Kids-friendly
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