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Organic Tri-Colour Quinoa 200g

Organic Tri-Colour Quinoa 200g

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- Certified Organic
- Gluten-Free
- Vegan
- Low GI
- Non-GMO

Organic Tricolour Quinoa is a balanced combination of white, black and red quinoa. Cooked white quinoa is usually softer in texture while cooked Red and Black Quinoa are crunchier. This blend creates a colourful, unique look to your dishes.

Pronounced 'keen-wa', quinoa is packed with nourishing plant-based goodness - in particular a rich content of dietary fibre and protein. Quinoa is an ideal low-GI food to replace rice. Great for children, athletes, pregnant mums, weight-watchers and basically, for the whole family



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Eco Household

  • Made with plant-based ingredients.
  • Gentle for skin.
  • Kids-friendly
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