Roasted Almond Butter

250g Organic Fields Roasted Almond 
A sprinkle of love and patience

1. Add the almonds into TM bowl. Blend 1min/sp9. Scrape down.
2. Blend again 2mins/sp6. Scrape down.
3. Continue blending at 30sec/sp6 interval until desired consistency is reached.
4. Transfer to a jar and store it in the fridge.

Note: you may notice that the bowl starts to heat up during the blending process due to the friction. Don’t worry about it, it actually helps to achieve a smooth paste.

Enjoy it with your toast, sourdough bread, as one of the toppings in your overnight oats or simply blend into your smoothies for extra flavour and protein.

You can actually make many variations from this basic recipe - add some spices, a pinch of salt, honey etc or you can even mix 2-3 different nuts for a mixed nut butter version. I personally think this will make a cute gift as well!


Recipe Contributor : Sherryna

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