Pink Chia Pudding


- Chia seeds

- Milk of your choice
- Coconut sugar (My almond milk is sweetened with coconut sugar, but if you’re using unsweetened milk I recommend adding about 1 tbsp maple syrup/honey/sugar per portion!)
- 2 tbsp Organic Fields Just Berries Powder (per portion)



  1. Add Chia Seeds and milk in the ratio of 1:4 in a jar ⁣(I like mine quite runny, if you prefer it thicker, add in less milk or stir in some yogurt)
  2. Add sweetener and Organic Fields Just Berries powder, and stir in until fully incorporated
  3. Stir up and cover, and leave in the fridge ⁣
  4. After about half an hour, stir up the mixture again, then put back in the fridge ⁣(this is because it tends to clump up at the bottom)
  5. After another hour, stir it up again, it should have a pudding like consistency. If it is too runny for your liking, add more chia seeds, and if too thick add more milk (if you add in anything, repeat the stirring process after another hour)
  6. Leave for at least 4-6 hours, before opening and serving with toppings of your choice! I had mine with vanilla yogurt, blueberries and crushed almonds!

Recipe can be adjusted depending on how much chia pudding you want to make!

Recipe contributor : Katelyn from

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