Chocolate Almond Bliss Balls

Recipe makes 12 large bliss balls or 18 medium sized ones!


- 200g almonds
- 16 dates (I cut down on this slightly, using 12 dates as I wanted it less sweet and they still turned out well, however if you want something sweeter and more sticky, stick to the original)
- 4tbsp Organic Fields Organic Cacao Powder
- 2 1/2 tbsp almond butter
- 2 tbsp coconut oil


  1. Pulse almonds until crushed, then take out 4tbsp and set aside
  2. Add dates and coconut oil, then pulse again until well mixed
  3. Add almond butter and Organic Fields Cacao Powder and pulse
  4. Roll into 12 balls (about 1tbsp) or 18 smaller ones! I like them smaller and more bite-size!
  5. Roll in the crushed almond mixture you have set aside to coat with a nice crunchy coating, then place in the fridge!!

Recipe contributor : Katelyn from

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